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Simple Ways To Modify Your Cars

Car modifications always seem like it should be left to the experts and enthusiasts. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t need to go overboard with modifications, there are plenty of more subtle ways to improve your ride. Check out a few things that you can modify on your car with the guide below.

1) New Tyres

Your tyres are, and should, be the only part of your car that comes into contact with the road. Totally makes sense to get a set of good tyres doesn’t it? Having quality tyres fitted will make a huge difference in your driving and ride experience. Good rubber won’t come cheap, but it’s worth it.

2) Alloy Wheels

One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your car. Not to mention, alloy wheels are easy to fit in as well! It’s like getting yourself a pair of that new Nikes and that feeling when you first wear them out – you feel like you’re the coolest bean in the world. New wheels don’t just have to be all about the looks; if you’re willing to spend a little more on lightweight wheels, you’ll actually increase performance thanks to reduced rotational inertia (the amount of torque required to rotate the wheel).

3) Brake Pads

When you upgrade your car, always be sure to upgrade your braking system before adding too much power. If you had truckloads of cash, it’ll be great to replace everything to make your car into an awesome lean mean machine. However, if changing parts is a Lil daunting for you, a great place to start out is fitting in upgraded brake pads. All you need is to spend some time to do some research to find one that suits your driving style and car type.

4) Steering Wheel

You don’t have to make do with what you have just because. In certain older cars, steering wheels turn into cracking, sweaty leather (ew!), if you have to drive every day, you would want to look at something more suited to your liking to help you enjoy your drive. You can find plenty of steering wheel upgrades online and installation should only require a wrench, screwdriver, and a little bit of strength. (Cars with airbags may need a little more work, but it’ll be worth it).

5) High-quality oils

oil filling into car engine

Engine oils are an essential part of your general car maintenance regime and using high-quality oils not only makes your engine run smoother but helps it last longer too.

6) Air filter

changing car engine air filter

An air filter is used to filter out dust and dirt in the air, to prevent it from entering your engine. The problem with most OEM parts is that they restrict airflow into the engine to achieve this. aftermarket air filters can provide an increase in horsepower by allowing more air into the engine, while still filtering out all the gunk from the air. Most air filters are simple to remove and slot back in so you wouldn’t have to worry in that department.

7) Weight reduction

Nobody wants weight gain, not even in cars. Whether you’re going for economy or performance, removing unnecessary weight can make a huge difference. This is as simple as clearing your car whenever you can and leaving pointless items at home. You wouldn’t want to feel ‘stuffy’ in your car either!

8) Full detail

This doesn’t need any extra parts or getting yourself filthy with grease. It’s the most effective way to get your car looking like brand new – washing it. We’re not talking about just dunking your sponge into some car wash liquid and water and spreading it around. We’re talking about proper car shampoo, polish and wax. That’s for the outside, the inside counts too. Vacuum up your car interior and wipe down the dash. If you have leather seats, use some leather restorer to get that smooth finishing to make your car look pristine! Your car is like a house, you wouldn’t want to step into a dirty one. Since you’ll spend a significant amount of time daily in your car, why not keep it clean for a more pleasant driving experience.

Modifying your car doesn’t have to be complicated. We hope that this guide will provide you with a clearer action plan. Do you have any other ideas on how to modify your cars? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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