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4 car care myths and mistakes

In this article, Carro is going to cover something interesting that many do not usually talk or think about: Car Care Myths and Mistakes. Read through to find out all the myths compiled specially for you by Carro.

4 car care myths and mistakes

Myth 1: I don’t need a tyre gauge

You should regularly check the air pressure in your tyres using a tire gauge. That’s especially true now, because you’re more likely to find them low as winter approaches.The air inside your tires is getting colder too, so it’s shrinking. Even if air isn’t leaving your tyres, the pressure inside is going down because of contraction.

If you have a new car, it probably has a tyre pressure monitoring system that turns on an amber dashboard warning light when the tire pressure falls too low. As with most ‘idiot lights’, however, by the time that light comes on, your tyres are already lower than you should ever let them get.

Likewise, don’t wait until your tyre ‘looks low’. Tyres often look low when they’re not and vice-versa.

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Myth 2: Wait, it’s still warming up

4 car care myths and mistakes
Some people insist that your car will last longer if you let it idle until the engine reaches normal operating temperature.But letting the car sit while the engine is running for long doesn’t help anything. At the most, give it 30 seconds and then drive off.

All you need to do is drive your car gently until the engine is warmed up. No smoky burn-outs first thing in the morning. Just go easy and keep those engine RPMs down until everything’s toasty, and you’ll be just fine.

Myth 3: Coolant lasts forever (or not at all)

Some drivers never bother about changing their coolant. Others are probably changing it too often.You should change your coolant about every four years. Coolant chemicals last longer than they used to, and newer engines aren’t going to be damaged by leaving it in long.

When you do change your coolant, it is  advised to use a premixed formulation rather than adding tap water, which contains minerals that can cause trouble.

If your coolant says it should be mixed, use distilled water and don’t use less water than recommended. Coolants are designed to work best with a certain amount of water, and not using enough will make them less effective, not more.

It’s something you should be doing on a regular schedule, at most once a year, not just when the weather changes. Especially in our tropic weather, it’s best to do so regularly.

Myth 4: I need to change my oil again and again

4 car care myths and mistakes
Many people still believe they should change their car’s oil every three months. But that advice doesn’t take into account improvements in engines or oils. Not that changing it more often is bad for your car.
Rather than relying on an arbitrary – and outdated – rule of thumb, read your cars owner’s manual for the recommended oil change interval. It will usually be longer than three months. Many cars can go twice that long before needing an oil change. 

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