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The Most Bizarre Traffic Tickets in the World

Driving is not an easy feat. Many could understand driving as just the steering of the vehicle to the desired destination. However, such definition is not conclusive. Driving involves much more; it involves the general behavior of the driver as he/she steers the vehicle to the desired destination, inclusive of the observance of the traffic lights. Every country has set particular laws. However, as depicted in the following scenarios, some countries have strange laws to guide the drivers’ behavior. A traffic ticket is issued to drivers when they break the agreed upon or set laws by the country. Once issued with these tickets, drivers are required to pay for their disobedience, which range from monetary fines, reduction of driving points to complete revocation of the driving license. Below are the most bizarre traffic tickets in the world:

  1. Ticket for Sober Passengers

    The Most Bizarre Traffic Tickets in the World
    Source: blog 2014 07 passengers-held-responsible-drunk-drivers

This seemed the most bizarre traffic tickets around the globe. While the traffic tickets are meant to combat unruly behavior by the driver, this Japanese traffic ticket in fact covers both the passengers and the driver. In Japan, it is against the law for a sober passenger to board a vehicle with a drunk driver. This may be plain common sense to anybody considering the risk of accident involved. While one may consider the risk section only, a passenger can be fined up to $35 for being in the same vehicle steered by a drunk driver. Such policy aims to create awareness among the passengers when they board vehicles. They have to ensure the driver’s fitness to drive before they board that vehicle, as they may be fined for putting themselves in risk of accidents.

  1. Fine for Breathalyzer Kit

    The Most Bizarre Traffic Tickets in the World
    Source: travel 2015 06 29 drunk-driver-thank-you-letter-police-officer

In France, one can be fined up to $12 for not carrying the breathalyzer kit. Drivers are required, according to transport policies, to carry the kit at all times. This will enable the traffic police to test the alcohol content of the driver when pulled over by the official. Also, it is aimed to handle the sanitation issue raised if the kits were administered directly by the traffic officials on many drivers. Therefore, you may easily find yourself being fined for not carrying the kit, and if drunk, you will obviously be charged for drunk driving.

  1. Parking Ticket for a Toy Bus

    The Most Bizarre Traffic Tickets in the World
    Source: money millions-parking-tickets-illegal—5199090

Parking tickets are legally allowable, and an offender has to pay the given amount to be cleared. However, the same cannot be said for toy cars and buses. We bet you thought parking tickets were for real cars and buses. In London Road, Brighton, a woman was given a parking ticket because the children’s toy was parked on this road for over a month. It is quite illogical as such toys do not occupy the designated space, and can be disposed of easily. It sounds like a joke. However, this was not funny for the woman, as she appealed the $50 parking fine over her child. Eventually, the company responsible for the parking ticket (NSL), was forced to withdraw the ridiculous parking ticket.

  1. Ticket for a woman parking in Same Spot…….for 2,000 years!

    The Most Bizarre Traffic Tickets in the World
    Source: dailytelegraph status 842126410407923714

It was quite horrendous when a woman in Sicily received a parking ticket for parking in the same spot for about 2,000 years. The traffic warden had written 208 instead of 2008. Therefore, the interest on the ticket was calculated from 2000 years ago, and the woman had to pay it off to clear her name. It was reported that she fainted at first at the sight of the ticket, and had to be rushed to the hospital. However, the police in Sicily acknowledge the error by the traffic warden, and the woman had to pay $112. It was quite a relief then, considering the huge interest back-dated to 208 A.D. She might have paid the balance, but should you really be fined for parking in the same spot?

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