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The Best Healthy Eateries in Singapore

We have become more and more conscious of our health. Social media is awash with eating healthy campaigns. In a bid to maintain that healthy physique and stature, we monitor closely whatever we take, most of the times, we try as much as possible to maintain natural foods, not the genetically modified food (GMFs). There are several restaurants across Singapore with healthy recipes. In this case, all you have to do is just present yourself and enjoy a healthy tasty meal. The great innovations have given rise to tasty healthy recipes served in our restaurants. Here is a list of the best healthy eateries in Singapore.

Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar

The Onaka Restaurant offers a wide range of healthy food recipes, from the vegetarian choices to the non-vegetarian recipes. You do not have to worry about the taste of the food, and the number of calories or potential carcinogenic substances in the food. Each dish is prepared to the highest standard. It integrates health-friendly preparation procedures to ensure that the customer gets the best quality for every dish they buy. A good selection at the Onaka Restaurant involves an appetizer, main dish, desserts and the drinks. Even the drinks, especially the juices, are made from all-natural fruits.

Living Café and Deli

The Best Healthy Eateries in Singapore
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The Living Café is one of the most hyped healthy choices in Singapore. Its menu involves a selection of raw foods which have to be prepared upon the customers’ request. The raw dishes are coupled with tasty sauces prepared from natural foods. These ingredients make the dishes tasty, making you desire the next stop or dish at Living Café. The menu caters for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, thereby making all customers welcome; if healthy is what they desire most in every meal. The restaurant has a clean surrounding, which makes the atmosphere very healthy. You may actually feel healthy savoring your drink at one of its joints in town.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

The Best Healthy Eateries in Singapore
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Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life is actually therapeutic. Intermittently, you may stop in one of the joints in the CBD to hit a snack. It may be worthwhile, but cumulative snacks are such an unhealthy choice. That is why the Kitchen by Food Rebel is one of the upbeat joints in and around the city serving healthy foods. The dishes are devoid of fast foods and the customers are encouraged to eat healthily. Even from the face value, it is clearly a healthy joint, considering the menu and its healthy campaigns on social media. The joint is located in the CBD though there are joints around and beyond the city to satisfy the customers who would like to identify with healthy living.


The Best Healthy Eateries in Singapore
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Healthy eating is more than just a choice of meal. It is like a lifestyle you create. That is how the Shinkansen restaurant understands healthy eating. In a bid to create this lifestyle, customers at this restaurant are allowed to choose their natural food, the protein topping and even the sauce. They make the customer conscious of what he/she is taking for lunch or dinner. It is in creating such mentality that we can fully control our living. Not just having erratic healthy lunches and expect to lead healthy lives. Sustainability of the healthy foods and practices, like those for Shinkansen, can make you achieve such feat.

With this range of restaurant, we are sure to enjoy our choices and maintain that healthy lifestyle. The foods are not necessarily exotic but are up to the quality required for healthy living.

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