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  • Exclusive previews of the latest technology in Audi demonstrate Audi Singapore’s commitment towards its customers.
  • The aim of Audi Tech discussions is to give myAudiworld members some deeper technical familiarity of e-tron vehicles by Audi.
  • From the session, customers got to learn much more regarding e-tron science technology.
  • Stations during the session were interactive and hands-on which offered customers the chance to learn much more regarding the e-tron science technology. 

7th June 2017, SINGAPORE – Last Friday, myAudiworld members were hosted by Audi Singapore during a Tech discussion event to learn further about the most recent e-tron science technology in Audi. This was after the launch of the Audi High Voltage Competence Centre.

Source: Audi

Participants involved were amongst the few pioneers in the zone of Asia-Pacific to have a feel of the recent e-tron science technology in Audi. During the session, participants got an introduction to the hybrid technology in Audi while also being invited to have a view beneath the hood in the Q7 e-tron as well as the Sportback version of Audi A3.

With the guidance of German flying doctors who are from Audi, participants gave a try to the charging stations of high voltage, analytical tools as well as components of the e-tron car. Through an interactive and hands-on experience, participants learned about the specifications of these e-tron vehicles, the numerous components in the vehicle, charging the car as well as the tools of safety. At the peak of the experience, participants got to have a test-drive of the e-tron based Audi Q7.

Source: Audi

One of the attendees who is a recent buyer of Audi S5 had the following to say, “It was my first time to attend these Tech Talks but it definitely will not be the last. I believe these events are a great platform for Audi car owners to be educated beyond servicing and acquire more their knowledge to do with their cars. My particular interest in the event was in the e-cars since the concept is new to me so I had the expectation to experience a vehicle I would maybe consider purchasing over the future.

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Source: Audi

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