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The 6 Types of Pedestrians That Will Drive You Insane

The way pedestrians cross roads can sometimes get on your nerves. They make you want to scream at them but then again, that will require too much effort. So what do you do? You just suck it up, sigh and wait to drive off.

Here are 6 types of pedestrians that will drive you insane when they cross the road:

1) The Over-Estimator

They think they are secretly Usain Bolt

These pedestrians over estimate their abilities. With less than 7 seconds left on the clock, they will sprint across the road. Did I mention how the road isn’t actually that short? Is it really worth it to waste so much energy just to cross a road?

whinny running

2) False Starter

Also known as the Kan Cheong Monsters

The lights for the cars has turned red and all the cars have stopped. However, the traffic light is still flashing red. For people belonging in this group, waiting that split second for the light to turn from red to green is precious and cannot be wasted. So what do they do? They start crossing while the light is still red, just because the cars have stopped.

3) Grandmother Grandfather

Slow but steady

Living in a fast pace society, it seems like everyone is rushing from one destination to the next. However, we cannot demand for efficiency while neglecting the welfare of our elders. As annoying as it may be to wait for them to cross, especially when we are in a hurry, let’s be a little more understanding towards them.


4) Phone Zombies

Also known as the head bowing generation.

They are on their phones 24/7. From texting to checking Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It is like they have a checklist of social media platforms to clear. We can never leave our phones. We have become slaves to our mobile devices.

5) Those who own the road

Owning the road doesn’t give you the right to waste other people’s time

They are the exact opposite of the over-estimator. These pedestrians feel that they have all the time in the world to cross the road. Even if the light has turned red, you can still find them strolling to reach the end of the road. Talk about road hindrance as we wait for them to clear the way before we drive off.

6) Turtle

The name speaks for itself

if you ever meet a turtle walking on the road, instead of waiting for it to finish crossing, How about getting down and bringing it to the side. The possibility of finding this pedestrian is pretty low though.

What are the odds of seeing a Turtle cross the road? Driver Weizhou saw this funny act of a turtle was crossing when the traffic light turned “Green-Man”.. Law Abiding Turtle! He then picked it up and brought it to the nearest River. Good job Weizhou!

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