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You’ve probably be awed by supercars in movies. In fact, these cars are sometimes as famous as the lead actors and actresses. A standard production car may not be featured in the film so the studio creates its own car design to fit the needs of that film. Here we present you 6 of the coolest fictional cars which have appeared in movies-  some whose design is based on existing cars and others designed from scratch.


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When thinking about fictional cars, the first car that pops into everyone’s head is the Batmobile. Made famous by the Batman franchise, it is an iconic car that is always associated with the lead actor. Many people claim it is the coolest superhero vehicle ever designed. It has gone through several design iterations over the years, with the most recent one equipped with machine guns, rocket launchers, and hard armor and remote-control capabilities. It also packs a set of propane tanks that are used to fuel a built-in rocket engine. Some design changes have also been made for the upcoming Justice League film.

2) LEXUS 2054

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This car made its first appearance in ,2002’s The Minority Report, as a futuristic take on transportation. Its iconic presence was made popular when the lead character, John Anderton, tries to evade capture as the car is being built on the assembly line. He fights off bad guys as the car is assembled around them. As the car is being riveted, welded and stamped together, Anderton is trapped inside it. The car boasts features like a verbal interface, it is self-driving and can choose music to match the tone and mood of the occupant. This was not the only appearance, a blue version of the Lexus 2054 appeared on 2005 action film The Island.


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Mad Max: Fury Road is full of fictional cars but the Gigahorse is the most eye-catching of all. This car fits the movie’s classic elements, that is, bizarre cultures, post-apocalyptic technology and undeniable style. The Gigahorse is the antagonistic vehicle that is driven by the character Immortan Joe. Due to scarce resources, the car is made up of two Cadillac Coupe de Villes that are molded together. It sources its power from two big block Chevy V8s each equipped with a supercharger and connected by planetary gears. It has a flamethrower, harpoon gun, and four-bladed cow catcher. If, in any case, you ever find yourself in a futuristic desert, stay out of its way.


Light runner tron-legacy-light-runneDaniel Simon / Tron Legacy. Copyright Disney Enterprises

An improvement of the Light Circle from the first Tron movie, the Light Runner from Tron: Legacy features twice the wheels and twice the seats. It is small, fast and it has the ability to drive under its own power. The weapons on board the Light Runner include a powerful light ribbon, a mine dropper, and missile launchers. It is a formidable sleek speedster that has the ability to punch through walls with minimum effort.

5) M577 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER apc5large html apc5large html

If you need to hunt exoskeletal aliens, you need heavy firepower. This car from the movie Aliens is a fully weaponized beast used in the search for missing terraformers. Despite its rigid design, it is well armored and mobile enough to maneuver through rough terrain. It packs intense hunting weapons like 20-millimeter Gatling guns and a 32 round automatic motor.


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Audi RSQ from the movie I, Robot has similar capabilities with semi-autonomous cars. The car can pilot itself and understands voice commands. Control can be transferred to the driver having a standard wheel-pedal setup.



Which is your favorite fictional car & what do you like about it?:)


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