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5 Famous Car Parades in the World

Car Parades are a match of the most popular and fancy vehicles in a classic display. Car enthusiasts gather to recollect the experience of the vintage cars or the new car models. Of late, the integration of green energy has resulted in newer eco-models integrated into the car parades. This includes the crop of electric and hybrid cars with the latest technologies.

The car parades intend to provide the meticulous display of the brands’ products, other automotive accessories and services. Car brands, dealers and the manufacturers intend to parade their latest brands, the vintage cars and related accessories for the car enthusiasts. The dealers would seek to increase car ownership. They sought to reinstate the motoring indulgence and the desire to own personal cars. Here is a list of the top car parades in the world:

Montreal Electric Vehicle Car Parade

5 Famous Car Parades in the World
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This car parade is considered the biggest electric cars parade. The largest parade, to date, featured 241 electric cars. It was organized in 2015 by Stephane Pascalon. About twelve car brands took part in the event, including Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Ford Focus, Chevrolet, and much more.

Mexico Car Parade

5 Famous Car Parades in the World
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Car enthusiasts in Mexico set a new precedence in 2016 with a car parade of classic cars. A total of 1721 vintage vehicles graced the occasion as car enthusiasts relished at these cars. The occasion recorded the highest attendance (about 250,000 people), breaking the previous record set in Holland by a parade of 948 cars.

Puerto Rico Antique Car Parade

5 Famous Car Parades in the World
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The car parade included a record number of antique cars, those more than 30 years old. The parade was graced by 2491 antique cars and was held in Dorado. The event was organized by Ferdinand Perez. The car parade stretched 5.1km long. It was beautiful reliving the old times, driving the simple, yet unique car models. Everything, from the tires to the design was top-notch. It was classy to be at such an antique parade, appreciating the best of the 19th and previous centuries in relation to the motor world.

Singapore Car Parade

5 Famous Car Parades in the World
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This motor show event is held at the advent of the year. This year, the Singapore Motorshow 2017 was held on 18th January 2017. The primary location was Suntec. In attendance was at least 40,000 visitors. The Motorshow wowed car enthusiast while marketing other new brands to which the Singaporean population can acquire. Usually, dealers present the most convincing aspects of such car brands, the financing option and the payment period. The vintage cars were assembled meticulously in the car parade. These include the famous luxury brands like the Skyliner and the Aston Martin.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

5 Famous Car Parades in the World
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This list wouldn’t be complete without the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance car parade. Held in California on every third Sunday of August, this is normally the signature of California’s automotive week. This parade brings together over two hundred car collectors across the globe and it is mainly a show of elegance. Concours is a French word which basically means a collection of vintage cars.  Collectors at this event are able to showcase their collection of classic vintage cars. The cars are often rebuilt and styled up to unique tastes. It is at this event that you may come across some of the most expensive cars in the world, not even the fastest of the flashiest modern supercars would match the prices of these classic cars. Occasionally, automotive companies use this event to unveil some of their latest models to the market. In general, this car parade is filled with the richest in society and is a good avenue for automakers to sell some of their top models and brands.

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