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4 Tips To Make Your Car Windshield Look Like New

Have you ever looked at the dirt and stains on your car windshield and just gagged? We take pride in our cars and want everything to be squeaky clean, including the windshield. Follow these four tips to make the windshield look like new.

Make Your Windshield Look Like New!

Tip 1: Factory shine

Source: httpwdy.h-cdn.coassets1545980x490landscape-1446504953-steelwool.jpg
Source: httpwdy.h-cdn.coassets1545980x490landscape-1446504953-steelwool.jpg

This little trick will make you windshields shine like it’s straight from the factory. You will need a few materials for this hack.

  • Fine steel wool
  • Rainx
  • Rags
  • Invisible Glass
  • One Sock

In circular motions, for 5 to 10 minutes, firmly polish the entire windshield. Then, clean it with a rag soaked in Rainx, being very careful not to get it on the vehicle’s paint. Once it is dry, wipe it down with a rag soaked with water. Using Rainx again, soak the sock and use it to cover the windshield wipers. Finish off the process with a coat of Invisible Glass!

Tip 2: Small Chip Repair

Source: httpf.tqn.comyautorepair1SaIA-add-resin.jpg
Source: httpf.tqn.comyautorepair1SaIA-add-resin.jpg

Chips in the windshield are not only annoying but they can also lead to long, disrupting cracks. There is a way to easily fix windshield chips to prevent them from turning into cracks and making the windshield look as good as new again. All you need to do is get a windshield crack repair kits and follow these steps.

  • Make sure your windshield is completely dry and preferably near room temperature
  • Apply the adhesive patch from a kit to the center of the chip
  • The syringe included is to designed to connect the patch by using the inside adhesive to fill the chip
  • Everything needs to be removed and shave the excess off with a thin razor
  • Seamlessly blend by buffing it down

Keep in mind, this is for chips that go into the surface perpendicularly, at a shallow angle, or hasn’t chipped a big piece off.

Tip 3: Streak and blotch removal


There is nothing more annoying than spending a long time cleaning your windshield and discover streaks and blotches the next time the sun hits it while you drive. You can take care of this aggravation with Cola and a towel. All you have to do is pour the cola over the glass. The towel should be stretched across the bottom of the windshield to protect the hood paint. Then wash the stickiness off. That’s it!

Tip 4: No-liquid cleaning

Source: httpsc4.q-assets.comimagesproductspcoco-011_3z.jpg
Source: httpsc4.q-assets.comimagesproductspcoco-011_3z.jpg

Have you ever run out of windshield cleaner but only found out when you need to clean dirt off? There are a few items you can keep in your glove compartment on hand in case if you don’t have any windshield cleaner to use.

  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine pads – Wipe vigorously with the non-stick side
  • Microfiber towels

New and Improved

Damaged and dirty windshields do not have to be taken to the car shop to be fixed or shined like new. Following the four tips will make your windshield look like it was right out of the factory!

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