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4 Tips for Driving While Pregnant

Pregnancy comes with its own share of drama and agony. When pregnant, even some of the most basic things can be an uphill task and there is a lot of adjustments that the pregnant woman should undergo in order to carry on with daily life routines. Driving while pregnant is a major challenge as there are many distractions and a lot of discomfort. For starter, wearing the seatbelt can be such a challenge because of the discomfort that it brings. Nonetheless, even while pregnant, life must go on and one may need to drive from one point to another to run errands. Below, we have come up with a number of tips that will be of help to all pregnant women.

1. Posture

4 Tips for Driving While Pregnant
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The car seat should be adjusted in a way that you feel comfortable reaching the pedals, and also the controls on the dashboard. You should sit in an upright and comfortable posture where you don’t have problems with visibility or controlling the vehicle. You should not bend much to reach the dashboard controls, or even while steering. Unsafe positions pose a great danger to your pregnancy. Also, ensure that you buckle up before any drive. You can elongate the seat belt to comfortable lengths before you drive. Extensive research and even common sense all recommend that it is safer for you and the child to be restrained in case of a car crash than to fly off to the windscreen. The airbags will cushion you from excessive impact, and the natural cushion (amniotic fluid) will cushion the baby from impact in the case of a light accident.

2. Avoid Long Journeys

4 Tips for Driving While Pregnant
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Clearly, it is quite uncomfortable to be restrained in the same position for long hours. Even in normal circumstances, this is uncomfortable. However, pregnancy adds another sense of urgency. When pregnant, you have to shift positions accordingly so that the weight is distributed evenly across all muscles. Long journeys would mean that you stay in one position for long, thereby reducing the probability of distributing the additional weight on all muscles. Usually, you will experience fatigue if you attempt such a journey, and even strained muscles.

3. Use a Tummy Shield

4 Tips for Driving While Pregnant
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You may find that you have positioned your seat correctly (reaching all the controls with ease), but the steering adds unnecessary impact on your bulging stomach. You will feel uncomfortable, and others would brave these circumstances for that drive. Recent innovations have aimed to ease such scenarios. The tummy shield safely restrains the seat belt while also providing an extra cushion on the region beneath the wheel. This prevents the discomfort caused by the seatbelt as you drive through the journey. The tummy shield is quite affordable and an important add-in for driving pregnant partners.

4. Reduce Distractions

4 Tips for Driving While Pregnant
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Distractions are common for any driver. Being pregnant adds more distractions. You have many things going up your mind, besides the biological processes going on in your body. You should provide full attention to the road. Researchers have noted that pregnant partners tend to be easily distracted, even with the slightest movement. This can be attributed to the increased instincts to protect the unborn during the pregnancy term. We understand these, that is why it is recommended you put off those cell phones, craving or other desires alike and have undivided attention on the road. Safe driving is key for the survival of the unborn, and you as well. Nothing is comparable to these two. Ensure you have adopted the most comfortable position and drive carefully always, but especially when you are pregnant.

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