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Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore

Determining demand for a car is simple, just look at the number of days it spends in the inventory. Popular cars tend to sell themselves well; they are snapped up as soon as they hit the showroom floor. These cars are a joy to automotive dealers everywhere. However, certain models are some of the hardest cars to sell in spite of good marketing strategies due to multiple factors like bad resale value, high price, difficulty of finding spare parts, bad fuel economy, terrible designs or simply just because they’re at the end of their product cycle.

Here is a list of the top five cars that are the hardest to sell in Singapore. In this list, we exclude super cars and any other cars that are not practical for the average Singaporean citizen.

1. Perodua Axia

Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore
Source: 2017 01 17 2017-perodua-axia-facelift-in-showrooms-from-rm25k

This Malaysian-made car is easy on the eyes but it is one of the slow movers in Singapore’s automotive industry. Its meagre sales numbers are due to a variety of factors. For starters, a low-performance engine, 66bhp and four-speed automatic gearbox isn’t very smooth. Its Malaysian brand name also isn’t very popular and its comfort and reliability can be called into question. It has poor fuel economy compared to its competitors in the same class. The above factors contribute in reducing the car’s resale value; further condemning it into obscurity.

2. Mitsubishi Attrage

Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore
Source: 2014 02 26 driven-mitsubishi-attrage-21-kml-claims-put-test

This particular car hails from the trusted and quality manufacturers – Mitsubishi. Unfortunately, the power of the brand does not overcome the vehicle’s shortcomings. The Attrage hit the ground running in terms of sales but hit a snag after a string of poor reviews by customers. It has an under-powered motor that cries out when pressed to reach higher rpm. It is also not entirely comfortable and has been described as ‘lacking character’.

3. Suzuki Alto Lapin

Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore
Source: auto-news maruti-suzuki-working-on-new-entry-level-hatchback-could-be-suzuki-alto-lapin-148250

This car has some of the worse sales numbers in Singapore. Those who don’t already dismiss it based on its boxy, refrigerator-like design scoff at its fuel inefficiency or its price, which is higher than that of better cars in its class.

4. Jeep Compass

Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore
Source: Cars 2009-Jeep-Compass-Overview-c21335

On the outside, this SUV looks like a winner and even has a great price to go with its appearance. So why is it hard to sell? Well, the Jeep Compass is rated as being a rough ride while having a loud and low-performance engine. It also has low resale value, retaining only 26% of its original value after a period of 5 years.

5. Ford Focus

Top 5 Hardest Cars to Sell in Singapore
Source: ford focus

The Ford Focus is a good car by many standards. However, it competes in an extremely competitive class where it lags heavily behind the best. While having great fuel economy, it does not make up for the car’s inadequacies. The Focus’s reliability is constantly ridiculed and its attempt at a sporty look does not come off well. The controls are labeled as awkward by customers and the back seats are rather cramped.

So There you have it, the top 5 hardest cars to sell in Singapore !

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