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Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled

Handicap cars are normal cars customized to suit the special needs of handicapped people or the elderly. The design mainly focuses on the case of being driven by a disabled person or by someone assisting the physically challenged. The best thing about these vehicles is that they offer independence to the disabled and the elderly. They help where simple tasks appear challenging and the response time and motor ability are impaired. Below are five car models that can be adequately used by differently-abled persons or the elderly.

1) The MV-1

Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled
Source: news 1507-mobility-ventures-updates-2016-mv-1-with-new-accessibility

The best handicap cars are designed and built from start to match the required services for people who are handicapped. A good example is the MV-1. This car has a super-big interior and a ramp which offers different exit and entry points. This is a custom car and it is one of the best options in the market. One of the favorite features includes the automatic deployment of the ramp which also has safety lights. Another feature is the “universal wheelchair restraint track system” for support and which is fitted on the car’s floor. During ramp operation, the vehicle should not be operational and this is made possible by the electronic cutoff switch. It is fully certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

2) The Dodge Grand Caravan

Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled
Source: en grand_caravan interior

The Caravan is designed to be used only by disabled drivers. It possesses features to assist disabled drivers and passengers. It has keyless entry, illuminated entry, and a wheelchair support system fitted on its floor to secure the passenger during transport. It has a fold-out ramp that is used in both entry and exit. Safety is a key factor in handicap cars and thus the Caravan boasts power door locks and power driver’s seat for the safety of both driver and passengers. Additional safety features are cruise control and a panic alarm.

3) Honda Odyssey

Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled
Source: cars honda odyssey 2012

The Honda Odyssey is reliable, affordable and tech-savvy. It can be modified to adequately suit any physically challenged individual. The award winning car comes with “step & roll” front seats. This is a key feature because it allows the passengers and the driver’s seat to be removed when a wheelchair needs to be at the front. A fold-out ramp is fitted in the car for easy access and storage. The Odyssey has enjoyed great success due to its mobility modifications and all the systems reviews have been favorable. The Odyssey’s cabin height provides ample headroom suitable for disabled people.

4) Renault Kangoo

Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled
Source: wiki Renault_Kangoo

This is the most popular wheelchair adapted vehicles. The car is fitted with a ramp in the rear suspension that decreases the loading angle when the physically impaired are accessing the vehicle. Inside the car, there is a wheelchair restraint system that prevents the wheelchair from tipping over together with driveR assist features like speed limiter, automatic headlamp activation and wipers with rain sensors. The car is powered by a 1.6-liter engine mated to an automatic transmission and is suitable for manual and motorized wheelchairs. The Renault Kangoo is loaded with safety features including antilock brake systems and remote locking.

5) 2017 Subaru Forester

Top 5 Handicap Cars for the Elderly and the Disabled
Source: cars subaru forester 2017

This is a compact SUV that offers significant benefits for older drivers. It has the best visibility features due to its thin pillars and large windows. For an SUV, it is easy to get in and out of so that seniors don’t find it difficult accessing the vehicle. It is equipped with a rearview camera and a four wheel drive which are the best features for older drivers. The fun doesn’t end there, an Eyesight Safety System is included which features blind spot detection, lane keeps assist, pre-collision braking and lane departure warning.

New innovations in these vehicles have helped increase their popularity and market. Apart from just being safe and easy to use, sporty and stylish looks are an added advantage.

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