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Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space

Car makers are increasingly concentrating on efficiency, fuel economy, comfort and other such things to the extent that cargo space has been pushed to the periphery of car requirements. Rarely will a new release be bragging about its trunk space, but more about its power, acceleration and aesthetics.

Families need cars with ample cargo space to fit all the junk and stuff that come with having a family. Below is a list of cars that would provide sufficient cargo area to a family – be it for school supplies complete with soccer gear or for picnic supplies with all the furniture and picnic bags and other luggage. The list eliminates pick-up wagons as theirs is not a cargo space per say, as well as cargo vans, which have their use mostly limited to commercial activities.

  1. Volkswagen Touran

    Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space
    Source: carbycar volkswagen touran-2010

The Volkswagen Touran is a seven-seater family car that has humongous cargo space and a competitive price to go with it. When it comes to the cargo area, it wins the race among minivans. With all seats in place (three rows of seats), the Volkswagen Touran has enough space for a family shopping weekend and a baby stroller if need be. The second and third rows of seats are designed to be easily folded to create even more cargo space when the need arises, creating 1,913 litres worth of space. The interior is designed to be just as spacious, and it offers a lot of headroom, should the cargo space need to be loaded with “taller” luggage.

  1. 2015 Honda Fit

    Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space
    Source: research honda-fit-2015

If you are not into MVPs but mostly into hatchbacks, the 2015 Honda Fit is the choice to go for. It combines ample cargo space with exciting seat tricks, unlike in previous versions. With all the seats in place, this hatchback has a 16.6 cubic feet (470 litres) in space, and this rises to 52.7 cubic feet (1,492 litres) when you fold the rear seats. A seat in the back is designed so that it can be laid flat and in varying directions; and this enables varying passenger and cargo configuration.

  1. Peugeot 308SW

    Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space
    Source: range find-your-vehicle 308-sw html

The Peugeot 308SW is another readily available car in Singapore with incredible cargo space for its type (small family car). Its wide boot opening combined with a low load lip make loading and unloading the Peugeot 308Sw a piece of cake. With all seats in place, a cargo space worth 660 litres is available; a respectable figure considering the size of the car. The rear seats can be folded by just pulling a lever to produce up to 1,775 litres of storage space when the seats are completely folded out.

  1. 2015 Ford Expedition

    Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space
    Source: 2015-Ford-Expedition-Dealer-Serving-Los-Angeles

The 2015 Ford Expedition has one of the largest cargo spaces when it comes to SUVs.  It has a cargo space of 108.3cubic feet, 55 cubic feet and 18.5 cubic feet behind the first, second and third row of seats respectively. With the second and third rows both folded, the trunk space is a humongous 130.8 cubic feet while space reduces t 85.5 cubic feet and 42.6 cubic feet with the third row folded and deployed respectively.

  1. Tesla Model S

    Top 5 Cars With The Largest Trunk Space
    Source: wiki Tesla_Model_S

This all-electric luxury liftback car is another one with an excellent cargo space. It has a quite compact electric motor which provides further boot space. The trunk space is deep and features a small lip. With the rear seats up, there is 894 litres worth of space- 150 litres of which are the space which is usually occupied by the engine. When you drop the rear seats, space grows to 1,795 litres, which is sublime.

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