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4 Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Car

Selling your car is something that you would only do a handful of times in your life. So before you go down to your dealer or list it online, here are some basic tips to get the best price for your car whenever you sell your car.

1. Service Your Car Regularly

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Don’t miss any servicing or maintenance appointments. You have to service your car at the recommended time or mileage intervals to not damage the components of your car.

For example, the engine oil in your car is to lubricate the parts in your engine. This prevents metal on metal contact as there is a layer of oil for the parts to ride on. Over time, the oil thins out and is unable to lubricate the engine parts well.

So, by changing your oil at the recommended intervals, you are preventing damage to your engine and keeping it in a good condition. 

Buyers would love to know that the car that they are buying is well maintained with evidence to prove it. So, do remember to keep your maintenance records and show them to your buyer. This will certainly help you fetch a better price most of the time.

2. Clean Your Car

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Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you buy a car that smells bad and is full of dirt and dust? 

A shiny, clean car is much easier to sell than an unkempt, old car.

It can be a good idea to send your car through a thorough car wash and detail but that can be pricey and might not be worth splurging on.

Instead, you can always do it yourself for much less! You can learn how to do a super clean of your car’s exterior and interior from YouTube. While you’re at it, you can learn to remove any scratches from your car too!

Doing such a thorough clean would sure make a good first impression when buyers see your car and potentially fetch a higher price for you. As they say, first impressions count!

3. Keep Modifications to a Minimum

You may love your modified exhaust and rear spoiler. However, not everyone has the same taste as you.

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Even if a buyer likes the overall condition of your car, buyers will certainly offer a lower price if the modifications to your car are not to their liking. And the reason behind this is simple, buyers will need to spend money removing these modifications.

If you really must, try to use modifications that are easy to remove, such as window tint. If you are absolutely sure that you are going to sell your car, removing these modifications can be a good idea to get the best price possible.

4. Take Care of Your Catalytic Converter

You may wonder why is caring for your catalytic converter important, and also how does a weakened catalytic converter affect the resale value of your car? 

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To start off, a catalytic converter is a device found in the undercarriage that reduces toxic substances in the exhaust before they get emitted into the environment. 

A weakened catalytic converter deters the car from accelerating or starting smoothly and may even cause a “rotten egg” smell to be emitted.

So next time when you want to sell your vehicle, a prospective buyer may notice that the engine is not performing optimally or even feels sluggish, especially when he starts the engine. Worst, he may detect the “rotten egg” smell- yucks! All these will prevent your car from fetching a higher value. 

Find out how you can take care of your catalytic converter in this guide provided by BR Metals. BR Metals is an industry-leading specialist in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) and one of Asia’s largest processors of end-of-life catalytic converters.

Sell Your Car for the Best Price

All of these tips should help you fetch a higher price for your car.

However, you need to consider how much money you would be setting aside to ‘prep’ your car for sale. If your car had issues in the past and is approaching the 10th year, splurging on cleaning and servicing might not be the best idea. But if your car is a 3-year-old luxury car that still holds its value, you could get more if it looks pristine. 

But there’s only 1 way for you to get the best price for your car every single time… And that is by selling your car through CARRO!

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Get the best price for your car through our expert and fair valuation where we can guarantee that you won’t receive a lowball offer. Enjoy a fuss-free and transparent car selling experience that’s sure to delight you with no hidden fees, mark-ups and even transaction fees.

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