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Small Things That Make A Difference To Your Car’s Resale Value

How do you get the most out of your car’s resale value when it’s time to say goodbye?Follow some basic steps described in this article and your used car’s resell price may rise to up to 20%, or even more!


1) Clean It


This may sound obvious, but believe me it isn’t. A dirty car makes all the difference when an aspiring buyer takes a look at it. Giving your car a good thorough clean before trying to sell it is very important and gives the impression that the previous owner took good care of it in general.


2) Fix small dents and scratches


In the same context, you can go a step further and fix small dents and car paint scratches that will make it look almost as good as new. A good scrubbing followed by a good waxing session should be enough to raise the price a few hundreds. Sometimes, repainting the car can yield more than it costs, so based on what car you’re trying to sell, consider a complete repainting process.


3) Replace some cabin accessories


The cabin is the location where all interaction between the car parts and the user takes place, so some key accessories like the wheel and the gear knob are subject to obvious wear that can give the impression of an over-used or ill-kept car. Spending a few dollars to replace those purely cosmetic elements like the melted knobs, faded buttons, and that torn wheel leather will make all the difference.


4) Promote your record keeping


Having an analytical documentation for all repairs and maintenance works that were done to your car throughout its life so far is of critical importance for its reselling price. It makes the aspiring buyer feel the confidence of knowing exactly what the condition of the car is. If your car hasn’t been involved in a crash or other major accidents, promote your VIN report as well. This will increase the price of it against cars of the same model and same history whose owners don’t mention these key facts.


5) Give an extra for free


If you’ve bought a pair of wipers that won’t fit on your new car, consider giving them for free to the new owner. This may sound counter intuitive, but if you adjust the price right, you can make it look like you’re giving an extra for free although it will just make the reselling package more attractive.


6) Learn how to negotiate


In the end, it’s all about negotiation and bartering to get the most out of your car’s resale value. There are many articles, books, and even online courses that are dedicated to this field, so take advantage of the information that is out there and strengthen your negotiation skills cause you’ll definitely need them in situations like this one.


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