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5 Signs That The Buyer Likes Your Car

Selling a car can be an interesting adventure, especially in Singapore where the both the seller and the buyer encounter numerous difficulties in form of government regulations and paperwork. However, if you opt to avoid selling your car to the dealership or trade it in, you will have to sell it through the internet ads, and this means that you have to communicate and meet random people interested in your ride. But, how to find out if they are really interested in buying, and how to properly the small signs that will tell you that the buyer likes your car?

Here are 5 Signs That The Buyer Likes Your Car:

1. Perspective buyer comes on time


The first clue that will tell you if somebody is serious about buying your car is if they are on time or not. If they are, that is a good sign since it means that you deal with a responsible adult who takes the car buying process seriously. He also respects your spare time as well as his own, which is good to know. If the buyer is late, that often means that he is not very keen on buying and you should not expect much from him.


2. Buyer comes with paperwork

Car salesman with a customer

In Singapore, due to its laws and regulations, COE and bank statements are crucial to have before you even consider buying a car, new or used. That is why if the buyer comes with the copies of important documents like COE or the bank statement showing that he can afford the specific vehicle, you can be sure that you have an interested individual in front of you. Of course, you are not the government and you don’t really need to have these papers, but it is good to know that the prospective buyer is legally able to buy your car.


3. Lot of questions asked and details pointed

Source: charltonmotors-com
Source: charltonmotors-com

The person that is interested in buying your car is going to be very curious about all aspects, so you can expect a lot of questions. Prepare to answer them all since the sale can depend on whether your answers are good or not. You will be asked about your experience with the car, hidden problems, accidents or repairs, regular maintenance costs and so on. The number of questions you’ll be asked is proportional to the buyer’s interest, so be patient and provide all wanted information.


4. Buyer is accompanied with the mechanic

Source: carproof-com
Source: carproof-com

Often buyers come in company of a skilled mechanic or older knowledgeable person who knows about cars. If that is the case, you can be sure that the buyer is interested and serious about buying the car. If your car is in great mechanical order, you can be sure that the mechanic will see that and recommend your car to the buyer.


5. Buyer will try to haggle with you

Source: httpthecaradvice-com
Source: httpthecaradvice-com

If you are offered a lower price for your car, it is safe to say that buyer likes your car and wants to buy it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t receive the offer. However, the buyer wants to get the best possible deal and save most of his money by trying to buy it at a cheaper price. This is where we can’t help you, and it is totally up to you to decide whether you’ll accept the offer or try to haggle with the buyer and achieve the number that both sides find acceptable.

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