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Oops, You Pumped Diesel Instead of Petrol!

It’s been a long day. You are tired and ready to go home. Before you get there, you have to make one quick stop at the petrol station. While you pump, you watch the numbers climb in anticipation of finishing pumping. A quick glance further down the petrol pump freaks you out. You accidentally pumped diesel into your car. What do you do now? Learn about what diesel, what happens when you pump into a petrol engine, and how to fix it!

What are the Differences Between Petrol and Diesel?

Source: httpbestride.comwp-contentuploads201509diesel-pump.jpg
Source: httpbestride.comwp-contentuploads201509diesel-pump.jpg

The following is a list of the main differences between petrol and diesel.


  • Self-ignition is avoided by the blending of gasoline and chemicals
  • A gas and air mixture is ignited with spark plugs to get the engine running
  • Low compression ratio
  • Cleaner burning


  • Diesel Engines do not have spark plugs
  • It can ignite by itself with hot air that is highly compressed
  • Consistency is thicker than gasoline
  • Better gas mileage


What Happens When You Pump Diesel into a Gas Car?

Source: httpwww.yourenergyblog.comwp-contentuploads201212gasoline-pump.png
Source: httpwww.yourenergyblog.comwp-contentuploads201212gasoline-pump.png

The petrol engine’s fuel injectors, lines, and filters can become jammed because diesel fuel is thicker consistency when compared to petrol. This leads to severe cylinder issues and timing because the diesel cannot properly combust due to the lack of heat and pressure from the petrol engine. Smoke will emit from the exhaust tailpipe when the engine starts to misfire.

Overall, your car may initially start but the performance will start to slip until it stops running altogether. Sometimes, the engine will permanently stop working. Catching the mistake early and taking it to the professional will result in an expensive bill. However, trying to fix damages will result in a costly repair.


How Do You Remove Diesel from A Gas Tank?


What do you do if you pump diesel into a petrol tank? The first thing is to not panic and stop driving the car! Then, make your actions based on how much diesel was pumped.

  1. Low amount of diesel

A low amount of diesel in the petrol tank is usually not harmful, it just has to be caught early on in the pumping process. Normally, you can fill the rest of the engine with gasoline to correct the mistake.

  1. High amount of diesel

If you pump you engine with a majority of diesel fluid, you can do a few different things. First, have the car towed and immediately begin fixing the problem as serious damages can occur if the diesel sits for too long. Then, remove the diesel with a siphon pump and replace it with gasoline. From there, you have to let the diesel naturally flush out. Or, you can have professional mechanic flush out the entire fuel system.

Make Sure to Carefully Pump Your Engine Fuel

Accidentally pumping diesel into a petrol car can be a headache. However, you can still save your car. Be mindful when you pump!

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