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Car Valuation Hacks: How to Sell Your Car For More

Car valuation decreases from the moment it leaves the garage. However, you can drastically improve your car valuation by keeping it in good condition and allocating expenditure wisely.

Here are ways to keep your car in peak condition and preserve your car valuation for when you want to sell it.

The more you try to modify your car, the harder it is to sell. 

car modification affect car valuation
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Contrary to popular belief, many car owners think they can recoup their cost of after-market products that they’ve installed at a resale time. However, adding expensive equipment does not necessarily increase your car valuation. Prospective buyers may not be willing to pay for the after-market accessories because one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. So be wary of installing products that only you might like but has no practical values.

Remember to send your car for regular maintenance and check-ups

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Change your oil often. Manufacturers suggest changing your oil every 10,000 km, but it also depends on driving patterns and conditions. Not only does oil lubricate, but it also helps to cool the engine. However, heat breaks down the oil over time, reducing its capacity to absorb heat and ultimately makes it more viscous and volatile. Changing the oil ensures the oil has full lubricating and heat absorption abilities, and that it’s clean. Not changing the oil will often lead to engine failures.

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Check your tire pressure monthly. Low tyre pressure can compromise tyre performance and safety. Not only will properly inflated tyres improve gas mileage by about 3%, but it will also provide for better car performance and handling.

Low tire pressure can also reduce your tyre life by up to 25%. Which means that you’ll have to replace the tyres more often. Thus, creating additional expense for you. When refilling your tires, consult the recommended PSI for their specific size on the outside of your tires.

Other regular servicing recommendations by car manufacturers such as changing air filters and changing other recommended fluids will also affect the performance, lifespan of the car and the car’s valuation.

If you’re looking for a workshop that offers an in-depth maintenance service, reliable repairs and full pricing transparency, visit the Carro Care Workshop.

Always keep records in black and white

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Get a folder and document all your car maintenance and repairs with receipts. That will show your prospective buyer that you have a well-maintained car. Additionally, keeping all these documents and receipts will protect you when prospective buyers point out nonexistent issues.

Keep mileage under control

The amount of mileage a car has for its age is also an important determinant of a vehicle’s value. The more you drive, the more it will impact your car’s valuation. If you drive less than the average car, your car will likely depreciate at a slower rate too.

It’s all about looks

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Like humans, first impressions matter. An ugly, ill-kept car will not reflect well on the owner, and experts believe just by cleaning your car, you will increase the car valuation by the hundreds. You can either scrub or wax your car periodically or just send it to the car wash. It’s advisable to use a coat of wax to protect your vehicle’s paint surface from nature’s elements.

Keep it clean

Keep interior clean to increase car valuation
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Your car is not a coffee shop or a smoking area. Try not to eat or smoke in your car. Food spillage, cigarette smoke and stains can ruin the interior appearance and smell of your car. Which will, in turn, lower the valuation of your car.

Protect its appearance

Intricate details like the colour of your vehicle can affect the car valuation too. It’s important to keep your car parked in shaded places and store it properly. Excessive sunlight can fade the outer surfaces of your car’s paint, trim or moldings.

Also, try to avoid conditions that can damage the exterior finish of your car. Paint chips, dents or fading can decrease a car’s value. If your car’s paint is less than ideal, consider sending it for a nice coat of paint prior to resale time, a nice-looking exterior finish can increase a car’s valuation.

“Light-touch” procedures can get rid of dents without sandblasting and expensive painting. This can dramatically increase the value of your car by improving on its appearance. You can also explore cost-friendly DIY options for your dents and scratches on various e-commerce sites.

Don’t procrastinate. Fix even the small problems promptly.

Car Valuation Hacks: How to Sell Your Car For More
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Most drivers tend to neglect small problems, as long as the car is still functional. Just like the human body, small problems are often warning signs of more serious problems. Taking care of problems in a timely manner, mechanical or cosmetic, can often save money and help you avoid prolonged frustrations while maximizing your car valuation.

Maximising your car valuation takes commitment.

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Whether you are looking to make your car last longer or getting the most out of your car valuation at resale time, you must consistently ensure you are always at the forefront of maintenance and cosmetic issues of your car. By following these tips, you can dramatically increase your car’s valuation and get the most out of selling your car.

Looking to sell your car? You’re guaranteed to get the best value for your used car with Carro. Choose from a variety of sell options and packages that are catered to your every need. Enjoy the better car selling experience that offers you the quickest and most convenient way to sell your car. 

Car Valuation Hacks: How to Sell Your Car For More

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