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8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

Buying a car can be confusing and overwhelming. The process of everything from start to finish can take a long, long time and end up being a chore, especially if it is your first time doing so. But through this lady’s guide is tailored specially to women, we hope that buying your next car will be a breeze for you.

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying CarsTake a look at our guide to buying a car:

1) Consider Used Cars

Purchasing a new car is going to very, very expensive. What can a new car do that an old car can’t? Most previous owners in Singapore keep their cars in relatively good condition and may have even come upgraded it as well to serve them and future owners better. Overall, it seems like a more worthy purchase to get a used car in good condition with low mileage and warranty as compared to blowing hundreds and thousands more for a brand new one.

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

2) Do your research

Go online and explore what sort of car suits you. There are plenty of reviews and sites online that can help with your research. You can try asking your peers and family what they think would be suitable for you and could possibly recommend dealerships to have a look at. When you have prior information about the car you want, negotiations will be enhanced and the car salespeople will also have a broader idea of what you have in mind.

3) Stick to the plan

1. Choose a car you like 2. Negotiate the price 3. Pay for the car. It seems like a brilliant straightforward plan but sidetracking away from it can be very easy. If you need to enquire about any details, do so in a constructive and organised manner so as not to get you or the dealer confused in information overload. Also, don’t get distracted by other fancy ~features~ that the dealers may offer you just to add on to your bill. Stick. to. the. plan. missy!

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

4) When you’re a woman, you’re an easy target

Car salespeople may think that ladies are not strong negotiators and can be easily swayed by flowery language and charm. Not that easy! Let them know you’re not just a lady but a boss lady that knows what she wants and will get it her own way.

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

5) Patience

Buying a car is not just any other ordinary shopping. It takes time to get the paperwork cleared, loans and insurance approved, and other processes to transact. Sometimes, negotiations may not go as smoothly as you want it to be and time needs to be invested in getting the deal you want. Channel your inner Beyonce and play things cool when pressure is building on you to make decisions or anything else that may go slightly awry during the purchase process.

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

6) Do not volunteer information

If not asked, don’t tell. Salespeople may ask you if this is your first purchase or how much is your budget limit, so they can try to sway you into a different direction compared to what you initially want. If they attempt to further the conversation regarding similar topics, just say “we can discuss that later” and focus the topic on the car you’re looking for and the price point.

8 Simple Tips For Women Buying Cars

7) The word ‘No’

If your negotiation does not go as what you’ve planned, there is nothing wrong in politely declining to carry on forth anymore.

8) Open up your options

You don’t have to buy from the first place you go to. Always try to keep an open mind and look at where has the best deals that suit your needs and wants.

Car buying experience does not have to be difficult for women. Take our advice from this article and you will be good to go!

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