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Insurance Guide: Things to prepare

BCarro’s Guide: Insurance

For first-time car owners, insuring your car would be the next most difficult thing after buying your car itself. Car Insurance varies across a wide range of prices and package types. The basic concept of its price is that the higher the risk exposed to the higher the premium you need to pay to insure your car. This is Carro’s Car Guide to Car Insurance for Beginners part C.

Section C: Things to prepare

This is a typical guideline. Companies require a number documents that you will have to prepare. Remember to check the respective company’s website. You may also choose the hassle-free option of insuring your car through us @


1. Getting a Quote

  • Current Declaration Page (varies from one company to another)
  • Driver’s License
  • Voided Check

2. Getting a discount

  • Report card
  • Proof of company car

3. Paper work

  • Car Insurance Policy
  • Declaration Page
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Bills

Too much Hassle?

CALL US NOW! We will assist you in doing the paper work. No Hassle. No Fee!

Bottom line:

Premiums premium varies according to your car and your history. Many are cheap but do not offer sufficient protection. While others could be excessive and cause you to incur higher prices. Be aware of what you are buying, or CALL US NOW (+65 6714 6652).


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