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Higher Penalties for Traffic Offences in Silver Zones and School Zones

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will look into increasing the penalties for traffic offences at Silver Zones and School Zones. These penalties will include offences at crossings or offences that endanger a pedestrian’s safety in these zones and are meant to act as better protection for elderly pedestrians and students.

Silver Zones and School Zones

Silver zones in Singapore are areas that have been altered in a way that enhances the safety aspect of the road and the surrounding area. These Silver Zones were introduced in 2014 and situated in areas with a large population of senior citizens. Essentially, these zones are meant to increase the safety of seniors.

Check out our guide on Silver Zones to learn more about these areas.

School Zones Singapore

Similarly, School Zones are meant to help create a safer road environment for students. While normal roads have a general speed limit of 50km/h, roads under the School Zone has a reduced speed limit. This reduced limit will come into effect when you see the “40km/h When Lights Flash” lights flashing. More details on the increase in penalties will be released later this year.

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