Latest COE Prices


In the latest bidding exercise on 20 June 2018, Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums closed lower across all categories except Category C, just like two weeks ago.

Closing about $2,300 lower, Category A premiums closed at $34,110. Cars in this category are 1600cc and below, with engine power not exceeding 97kW.

Category B premiums, which are meant for cars above 1600cc or engine power exceeding 97kW, closed at $33,900, $2,100 lower than the previous bidding.

Premiums in Category E fell the most this time, closing at $34,400 from $37,000. This is the open category, meant for any kind of vehicles beside motorcycles.

Declining from $7,001 to $6,889, Category D premiums for motorcycles saw the smallest drop.

The only category of COEs that went up was Category C, increasing about $3,000. Premiums in this category meant for goods vehicles and buses closed at $32,001 from $29,902.

This time round, 4,178 COEs were available in total, with 5,734 bids received.

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