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3 Essential Tips when Buying your GPS Unit

Points to consider before buying a GPS Unit

1) Data Free 

No internet connection needed while using the Global Positioning System is the most important thing to consider. This enable you to look for routes and places without needing to waste your data upon using your GPS. Most of the newer models sold in Singapore such as Garmin Nuvi 2792LM SG/MY and TomTom Go have free updates on maps and the bonus for us is that it is preloaded with SG/MY map.

2) Voice Activation

It has to be hands-free. You must be able to control it while you are driving the car. Safety First. Most of the newer models enables you to input a full address just by using your voice.

3) Traffic Data

With traffic data displayed, you will be able to avoid traffic and reach your destination more efficiently and with minimal frustration. Newer version of TomTom and Garmin Nuvo enable you to do just that. (Garmin nüvi® 3790V SG/MY or TomTom GO 600)

With advancement in technology, smartphones can easily replace the need of GPS. However there is always a plus point of using GPS instead of a smartphone as it is specialised to help us navigate while you are busy on a call.

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