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Cars that are Expensive to Maintain in Singapore

The high number of cars on the roads in Singapore have made it necessary for tough laws to be enacted to curb the growth of the automotive industry. Hence, the cost of owning a car in Singapore is quite high is compared to some other countries. You, therefore, have to save a huge chunk of your salary so that you can invest in a decent car which are expensive to maintain.

Some people might rightfully argue that buying a car is no big deal but the actual test comes in maintaining it. Even though this might be true, considering that some aspects such as the cost of spare parts are proportional to the cost of the car, there are some notorious car brands that are very expensive to maintain. Today we have compiled a list of the most expensive cars (not necessarily in order from the most to least expensive) to maintain in Singapore. We have factored in things such as fuel consumption, the cost of spares, average amount charged for general service by recommended auto dealers and the time intervals for servicing and breakdowns. It should also be noted that we have deliberately omitted the most exotic car brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and the likes.



Source: post bimmerfest-east-the-show
Source: post bimmerfest-east-the-show

BMWs are notoriously high maintenance cars. The comfort and luxury notwithstanding, BMWs are known to have numerous electrical and engine problems when they start aging. It is no doubt that BMWs are quite exotic and will give you the desired status, but, they also require a lot of care and attention when they start aging. One of the reasons as to why BMWs are high maintenance is the fact that they are made using very advanced technology and hence repairing some of its components requires the input of a specialist. It is also recommended that servicing of a BMW should be carried out at an authorized shop and by a specialist. This definitely means high cost of maintenance and thus, if you want to buy a BMW, be ready to part with decent amounts of cash to service the car.



Source: cars mercedes-benz
Source: cars mercedes-benz

Mercedes is one of the oldest and well-known vehicle brands in the world’s history. Unlike its direct rival, BMW, Mercedes vehicles are known to be much more reliable and long-lasting. Although reliable, the cost of maintaining a Mercedes is not cheap. Some of its spare parts are very expensive and hard to find. Just like the BMW, servicing of a Mercedes car should only be done at an authorized auto shop and special care has to be taken when carrying out any repairs.



Source: Chrysler-www.caranddriver.comchrysler
Source: Source: Chrysler-www.caranddriver.comchrysler

These are some of the best American automobiles. Unlike the European brands, Chryslers are built tough and they actually offer great service. However, the cost of repairing a Chrysler is quite high. The spare parts are not readily available and the few available are quite expensive to buy. There are also quite a number of dealers in Singapore who deal with Chryslers but the cost of repairing the car in such shops is very high. It should also be noted that these cars are not so kind when it comes to fuel consumption and thus pushing the cost of maintenance higher.



Source: news.cfm newsid=29197
Source: news.cfm newsid=29197

Audis are normally associated with class and style. It is true that Audis are some of the best cars that you can ever buy. The cars are made using cutting-edge technology and their performance is simply excellent. Nonetheless, Audis are also quite expensive to maintain. Though they are quite durable, their fuel consumption and spare parts costs are quite high.

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