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A Quick Guide to Car Inspection in Singapore

After driving a brand new car for 3 years in Singapore, you need to send it for a car inspection. This requirement, set out by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), ensures that your car maintains a good emission standard and remains roadworthy over the years.

It’s a pretty standard procedure every driver should be aware of. However, if you’re a first-time car owner, the process might sound quite daunting.

Where to send for car inspection? How long does it take? How much does it cost? The list of questions goes on. But, it’s really a lot of fuss about nothing.

Here’s a complete guide on the car inspection process!

Location, Cost and Frequency

There are quite a number of inspection centres around the island where you can send your vehicle to. But other than their location, there’s not much difference to the whole process and services they offer. So, no matter which inspection centre you choose to visit, the procedures should not differ too much.

Simply choose one of these locations and you’re good to go! Also, there’s no need for you to make a prior booking.

Inspection CentresAuthorised to Inspect
JIC Inspection Services Pte Ltd (Jurong)
53 Pioneer Road
Singapore 628505
Tel: 6863 9639
All Vehicles
JIC Inspection Services Pte Ltd (Ang Mo Kio)
21 Ang Mo Kio Street 63
Singapore 569118
Tel: 6484 7370
All Vehicles
STA Vehicle Inspection (Sin Ming)
302 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575627
Tel: 6452 1398
All Vehicles
STA Vehicle Inspection (Boon Lay)
249 Jalan Boon Lay
Singapore 619523
Tel: 6261 6178
All Vehicles
VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd (Sin Ming)
385 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575718
Tel : 6458 4555
All Vehicles
VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd
(Bukit Batok)
511 Bukit Batok Street 23
Singapore 659545
Tel : 6458 4555
All Vehicles
VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd (Changi)
20 Changi North Crescent
Singapore 499613
Tel : 6458 4555
All Vehicles
VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd
(Kaki Bukit)
23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4
Singapore 415933
Tel : 6458 4555
All Vehicles
VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd (Yishun)
501 Yishun Industrial Park A
Singapore 768732
Tel : 6458 4555
All Vehicles

While the services and procedures at the different centres are similar, the pricing isn’t.

Different vehicle types will be charged differently at each inspection centre. The only charges that are consistent throughout are the fees for a petrol car inspection.

Inspection for diesel vehicles usually cost more because there are additional checks needed. For a normal petrol car, the inspection will cost you around $64. Additional costs may apply if you require other statutory tests.

Check out the full pricing list from the different inspection centres on the respective STA, Vicom and JIC websites.

The frequency of inspection depends on the type of vehicle you drive. This varies from annual to biennial and even biannual visits.

Frequency of car inspection in Singapore
Source: Vicom

What Happens at the Car Inspection Centre?

The entire process is actually quite standard and straightforward. 

LTA Car Inspection Singapore

Once at the car inspection centre, your car will go through a comprehensive check that covers a wide array of parts – from lighting equipment to engine and transmission and even the general parts of your car.

While the inspection is really thorough and covers all the bases, it also depends on the type of vehicle you’re driving. Each type of car has its own needs and requirements.

Check out VICOM’s Inspection Checklist for a full view of what the inspection entails. 

Vicom Car Inspection Checklist
Source: Vicom

Even though there are a lot of things to check, the process actually doesn’t take up much time. If everything goes smoothly, you should be able to get it done in about 20 mins or less! 

But please note that the duration it takes to complete an inspection will heavily depend on the vehicle type. Some vehicles, like diesel cars, will usually take a longer time to complete as it requires more checks than a petrol car.

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