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Breaking Stereotypes: Female Racers You Should Know

The auto world is traditionally a man’s field. The society expects the male gender to be the ones donning the racing supercars, their repair and maintenance. Even today, it is still mainly male dominated and breaking this monopoly requires more than general interest. It requires sheer determination and passion for the motoring world. Successfully, a number of inspirational women have proven that the motoring world is not just for the men. They have indulged in the racing sports, racing alongside the male counterparts. They have proved that they can emerge better than their counterparts, which breaks the age-old stereotypes on the females’ roles. Below are some of the female racers, some of which are even the best in the racing world.

Alexis DeJoria

Breaking Stereotypes: Female Racers You Should Know
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The US racing community identifies Alexis DeJoria as one of the best. Even her performance at national levels can only be rivaled by world champions, especially those from Formula One drivers. She is a drag racer having more than 10 years of experience in this category. She started her career in the Super Gas category in the national levels. With determination and passion, she moved to the Super Comp category. This category involved racing cars with a rear engine. Her appreciation of driving skills is manifested by the number of trophies she has won since 2005. She has won the US Car Race in 2013. Furthermore, she has set her record at the Brainerd International Raceway where she ran a 3.998 seconds pass. What an incredible accomplishment.

Erica Enders-Stevens

Breaking Stereotypes: Female Racers You Should Know
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She is another sterling female figure in the racing industry. She is an NHRA Yello Drag Racing driver. Her determination for motoring is quite impressive. In fact, she started racing at the tender age of 8. She started off with her Junior Dragster racing competitions. She has won 37 competitions during her junior championship competitions. Age seems just a number for this female figure, as her skill was matched across her profile. At the age of 16, she was named the youngest ever finalist in the NHRA national competitions. Her willpower gave the male folks quite a competition, as her milestone is yet to be broken by other drivers, male and female alike. In recent years, Erica has won back-to-back NHRA championships in 2014 and 2015.

Maria Teresa de Filippis

Breaking Stereotypes: Female Racers You Should Know

Though she passed away at the age of 89, Maria Teresa-de-Filippis is a legend in the world racing industry. Have you ever imagined a female driver in Formula One? Quite rare in most cases. However, Maria Teresa was the first woman to ever race in Formula One. Maria Teresa is an Italian driver who primed into Formula One in the Belgian Grand Prix in 1958. However, she scored no points in this championship. Even with little points in the Grand Prix, Maria Teresa is debuted for depicting the possibility of winning for the female folk in such a male-dominated career. She managed to win other races in other series. Clearly, everything is achievable for women in the motoring industry.

Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney Force

Breaking Stereotypes: Female Racers You Should Know
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Three sisters into the same sport! The three are among the most successful female racers in recent times. The three sisters have individually won several competitions in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. They depict solidarity and a sisters’ determination to make it in this career. With their experience, they provide the nitty-gritty needed to make it as a female racer in the NHRA championships. It is not all just about achieving the highest speeds on the race tracks. It involves agility, skill to maneuver the corners, and knowing when to accelerate past your opponent. Each section has its hurdles. A driver has to capture such details, in an attempt to prove otherwise to the society. Women have and can still make it in the car racing world.

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