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BMW M4 Car Review: World Class Engineering!

When you get behind the wheels of the BMW M4 prepare for your head being tossed and pressed behind the seat’s headrests during acceleration. This car responds exactly as the driver wants and the aesthetics do not disappoint either. Under the hood, there is either the 425hp twin-turbo inline-six or the ultimate 493hp power plant for the BMW M4 GTS. Propulsion is through the rear wheels and the cars are equipped with standard six-speed manual gearboxes or optional seven-speed auto boxes.



  • Super-fast acceleration
  • Crisp handling
  • Impressively powerful engines
  • Premium interior finish


  • The clutch pedal has too much travel
  • The inline-six engine can be a little bit coarse and noisy

DESIGN: 4.5 / 5.0

The BMW M4 has an aggressive sporty design and looks prettier than the 4 series on which it is based on. The body design follows BMW’s trademark smooth curves and edges with an additional M stripe. The car sheds weight wherever possible and is thus made of a mixture of aluminum, carbon fiber and few plastics here and there. The interior build is of premium quality thanks to BMW’s standard features.

BMW M4 Car Review: World Class Engineering!
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The M4 is a top performer when it comes to drivability and handling. Thanks to the standard M suspension, the car maintains an optimum grip on the road at all times, making it very stable. The six-speed manual gearbox is efficient for the 425hp powerplant under the hood and this car can basically accelerate from 0 to 60mph before you finish reading this sentence out loud. The twin-turbo inline propels this car into the horizon with glee and simply put, the car loves to run. In order to make the car safe and easy to handle, it is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes which cut down the speed with alarming enthusiasm. However, the strong chassis on which the vehicle is built handles the car well and eliminates any roll when braking hard or doing tight corners at high speeds.

BMW M4 Car Review: World Class Engineering!
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TRIM LEVELS: 4.0 / 5.0

The M4 is traditionally available as a two-door coupe or a convertible. Both these two variants have a lot of standard features such as the obvious twin-turbo inline-six, 18-inch alloy rims, and quad-exhaust pipes. The sports tuned adaptive suspensions system also known as the M suspension is also a standard feature for both variants. The interiors have a number of standard high-tech features such as the 8.8-inch touchscreen and BMW’s iDrive infotainment system. The 2017 M4 offers a few optional packages such as the Competition Package which ups the power of the engines by 19hp to a total of 444hp. The M suspension settings for the Competition Package are also revised to give the car even better handling. More optional packages are the Executive Package, Lighting Package, and Driver Assistance Plus package.

BMW M4 Car Review: World Class Engineering!
Source: www.bmwblog.com 2014 08 31 bmwblog-test-drive-2015-bmw-m4-convertible

SAFETY: 4.0 / 5.0

The M4 comes with all the standard 4 series safety features such as 8 airbags, seatbelts, brake assist, stability control, 4 wheels disc brakes, and ABS. The adaptive sports suspension also makes the car more stable and thus safer at higher speeds. The new carbon brakes not available on the other 4 series are very efficient and can stop the car very fast.

BMW M4 Car Review: World Class Engineering!
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CONCLUSION: 4.5 / 5.0

If you want a sports car that passes as a simple two-door coupe or a convertible, then, the BMW M4 is the car for you. With an incredibly powerful engine, the car offers the true performance of a sports car. The upgraded sleek design sets the looks of this car apart from other 4 series BMWs. The sports tuned adaptive suspensions are incredible and the car is a joy to drive!

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