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BMW 4 Series Car Review: Style, Power and Elegance

Many critics have argued that the BMW 4 series is just a two-door coupe version of the 3 series. As much as the 4 series is based on the BMW 3 series, there are many features and differences to warrant a model change. The 4 series is a classy act all over with the top of the range performance, stylish trim, and exquisite interior finish. These cars are BMW’s entry models to the classy coupe segment and they rival the likes of Mercedes C-class coupe and Lexus RC. The 4 series are also a joy to drive, being more practical with the 4-seating arrangement.



  • Classy cabins
  • Sharp drive
  • Excellent engine range
  • Sleek styling


  • Limited rear-seat space

DESIGN: 4.5 / 5.0

BMW was intent on separating the previous 3 series version and the 4 series by doing a complete redesign of the body style for the 4 series. However, the current model of the 3 series is not very different in styling to the 4 series and BMW doesn’t really give a fuss. In general, the BMW 4 series is a sleeker-looking machine as compared to the 3 series. They have a wider stance and a lower roofline giving them an aggressive sporty look. The frameless door glasses are elegant and add to the sporty look of the car. The 2017 versions of the 4 series have already received a facelift so as to compete with rivals and they look absolutely elegant.

BMW 4 Series Car Review: Style, Power and Elegance
Source: www.sandysansingbmw.com cc-2017-bmw-4-series-for-lease-in-pensacola-fl


The BMW 4 Series impresses with a wide array of powerful engines. There are about six engine variants, both diesel, and petrol that are installed in the 4 series. Nonetheless, all the available engines, whether the turbocharged petrol 420i, 430i, and 440i or the more popular diesel 418d, 420d, and 430d, are very powerful giving the vehicles brisk acceleration and immense power. The top speed is limited to 127mph and performance is sporty, to say the least. The handling of these cars is athletic and the cars are able to stay composed even on curvy and very rough roads. The standard transmission for the 4 series is the six-speed manual while an eight-speed auto is optional.

BMW 4 Series Car Review: Style, Power and Elegance
Source: www.autocar.co.uk car-review bmw 4-series

TRIM LEVELS: 4.0 / 5.0

BMW has produced about eight different trim levels for the 4 series. Although most of the features are standard, the main differences are the body styles and engine types under the hood. One notable trim is the Drive Gran Coupe which is the only 4-door 4 series. There is also the 430i convertible and top of the range BMW M4. The M4 is a separated model for sports but quite popular especially in the European market.

BMW 4 Series Car Review: Style, Power and Elegance
Source: www.caradvice.com.au 255208 bmw-4-series-convertible-revealed photos

SAFETY: 4.5 / 5.0

With standard 8 airbags for the 4 series and a host of other safety features such as traction control, lane departure warning, and ABS, these cars rank highly in the safety index. Other features included in the 4 series include night vision, blind-spot monitor, brake assist, daytime running lights, emergency trunk release, auto-leveling headlights, and child safety locks. With all these safety features, there is no doubt that the BMW 4 series is a safe car to drive.

BMW 4 Series Car Review: Style, Power and Elegance
Source: www.carbuyer.co.uk reviews bmw 4-series coupe interior

CONCLUSION: 4.0 / 5.0

The BMW 4 series are pretty top-of-the-range cars with high-end features and excellent performance. The cars handle like a dream and are the definition of exquisite German engineering. The cars have combined excellent sporty performance with smooth handling both in smooth and rough surfaces. The exterior design is also exquisite, making them among the best coupes in the industry.

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