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5 Car Sharing Services in Singapore You Can Try Out

Car sharing services have become more prominent in Singapore, especially when it’s expensive to buy a new car. There are several different companies with car sharing but they all work on the same premise. 

Similar to the ofo bikes around Singapore, there are cars parked around Singapore that can be opened with a card or app. You use their app to search for a nearby car, unlock it, and drive it to your destination. 

Prices vary for each company so let’s break down five different car sharing companies and compare. 


Photo taken from BlueSg website


  1. Sign up as a member either on their website or mobile app. You have to be 20 years old and above, and have at least 1 year of driving experience
  2. You can choose either the basic plan, or premium plan. The premium plan is cheaper in the long run, but requires a one year commitment. 
  3. From there, fill in your contact information and upload pictures of your identity card (front and back) and your driver’s license (front and back)
  4. Select your membership card from the options provided and choose a 4 to 6 digit pin. 
  5. Last step, pay! Do note that it takes around three days for BlueSG to validate your account, so you won’t be able to begin driving right away. 


Subscription fee Basic: $8/month 

Premium: $18/month

Insurance provided Yes
Petrol included All cars are electric, so there’s no need for petrol
Car rental fee  $0.36/min
Cars in the fleet 1,000+
Car sharing stations 380+


  • Assistance for BlueSG is available 24/7 
  • No insurance, maintenance or gas costs 
  • Electric cars means there’s no need to pay for petrol 


  • Steep price as compared to other car sharing services 
  • Cars are picked up at charge points, and in more remote locations, they may not be walking distance from where you are
  • Three days to validate membership means you won’t be able to instantly drive once you sign up should you need to. 


Photo taken from Tribecar website


  1. Register online and sign up for a briefing session online. Note that you have to be between the ages 23 and 65. 
  2. Book your car online. They take bookings up to 28 days in advance. 
  3. Collect and return the car using the Tribecar app
Subscription fee None
Insurance provided Yes
Petrol included No
Car rental fee  $2/hour
Cars in the fleet 320+
Car sharing stations 525+


  • You’re allowed to use TribeCar cars to earn income (private hires) 
  • Convenient locations near MRT stops 


  • Cars must be returned to the original station they were picked up from 
  • You have to pay for gas. You have to top up fuel for your drive and make sure that when you return the car, the fuel light isn’t on. 


Photo taken from GetGo website



  1. Download the GetGo app. As long as you are 19 or older with a year of driving experience and no major traffic violations, you can sign up!
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Select your preferred car and start driving. 
Subscription fee None
Insurance provided Yes, but only basic car insurance. Collision Damage Waiver insurance is an extra cost. 
Petrol included Yes
Car rental fee  Off peak: $3/hour 

Normal: $6/hour 

Peak: $9/hour

Cars in the fleet 400+
Car sharing stations 300+


  • No subscription fee 
  • Petrol is included, but if you help them fill up the tank when the car has less than ¼ tank, you will be reimbursed and earn a $6 coupon for your next drive. 


  • Have to return the car to the same car park where it was picked up
  • Prices are slightly higher than other car sharing services, especially during peak hours. 


Photo taken from CarLite website


  1. Apply for membership using your valid identity card, driver’s license, and refundable deposit of $100. Must  be 22 years old and have 2 years of driving experience. 
  2. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be able to book your car. Choose your car model, location and duration, and pay with e-wallet or credit card. 
  3. Use the app to unlock the car and submit photos of the car before driving off. 
Subscription fee None
Insurance provided Yes
Petrol included No
Car rental fee Ranges from $1-$2.80/15 minutes 

Car Lite offers different tiers of cars, so prices differ depending on tiers and timings. 

Cars in the fleet 100+
Car sharing stations 80+


  • Cars are in locations near MRT stations
  • Cars are cleaned regularly 
  • Minimum is 15-minutes, which is perfect for shorter trips 


  • Not as many cars in the fleet and sharing stations as other car sharing services. 
  • Prices are steep as compared to other car sharing services 

Car Club

Photo taken from CarClub website


  1. Apply for membership online or on the Car Club mobile app.
  2. Car Club’s team will be in contact within 3 days to confirm your membership. 
Subscription fee Basic plan: None, pay-per-use 

Value plan: $50 minimum per month, to be used towards driving credits 

Insurance provided Yes
Petrol included Yes
Car rental fee (per hour)  Basic: 

   First hour: $10-$15 

   Every 15 minutes after: $2.50-$3.75


   First hour: $9-$13 

   Every 15 minutes after: $2.25-$3.50

Cars in the fleet 260+
Car sharing stations 110+


  • Value plan is good for people who use cars often 
  • Basic plan is good for people who might use the cars once or twice a month 


  • Membership isn’t instant and takes up to three days before your account is authorized 

Car sharing services can end up costing a lot as it’s highly dependent on traffic flows, peak  periods, and what location you’re in. Plus, you might end up having to walk a lot depending on what locations the cars are left in. So, what could be more convenient than owning your own car? 

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