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Manual Car vs. Auto Car: Which is Better?

One of the longstanding questions of automobiles still remains, the debate between manual and automatic cars. Those that are looking for a new car and wondering which one is right for them may be asking themselves the same question. The truth is that there’s no easy answer. Both manual and automatic cars have their advantages and disadvantages, and there is a time where each works best.

Manual-transmission cars have several advantages over an automatic. First off, manual cars traditionally have a better fuel economy and get better miles per gallon. They also give the driver more control, and are better suited for driving through hills and mountains where there are lots of hills.

Cars with an automatic transmission, on the other hand, have different advantages. To start, automatic cars are much easier to drive, especially for beginners. In some countries many people have only driven automatic cars. An automatic car also allows the driver to focus on the road and not on changing gears.

It’s time to dive further into the differences.

Why Go Manual?


1. Better Fuel Economy


Although the newer automatic cars are catching up with manual cars when it comes to fuel efficiency, for the most part manual cars still have a better fuel economy. A manual transmission weighs less than an automatic one, which is one of the reasons these cars have a better fuel economy. Manual vehicles use a clutch, which is more fuel efficient than the torque convertor that allows the gears to shift in an automatic car.

2. More Control

Source: 911 Turbo S
Source: 911 Turbo S

For the driver that loves the thrill of the open road, the manual car is going to give them more control than an automatic would. Many car enthusiasts prefer the manual for this very reason. Those that prefer the ability to control the gears and be one with the transmission will prefer a manual.

3. Better in the Hills


In many countries, the manual is the preferred transmission because of its ability to handle elevated terrain well. A manual car can shift down when going down hills to keep the engine from running harder than it needs to. An automatic transmission can’t shift gears in accordance with the ups and downs of rolling hills, making the manual vehicle more suitable in such terrain.


Why Go Automatic?

1. Easier to Drive

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One of the biggest advantages of an automatic transmission is that it is much easier to drive and less complicated than a manual, where the driver needs to shift the gears up and down. Drivers of automatic cars can focus on the road and don’t’ have to worry about shifting up and down as they go up and down the highway. It’s also easier to drink a cup of coffee while driving an automatic because of the driver doesn’t need one hand on the stick shift changing gears.


2. New Automatics Have More Competitive Fuel Economy


There are a lot of new automatic cars that are just as good when it comes to fuel economy as their manual counterparts. For those that are choosing a manual because of the better fuel economy, remember that new automatics have better gas mileage than the older models. One more reason to drive an automatic.

At the end of the day, the choice between a manual and an automatic transmission comes down to preference. Many drivers prefer a manual because of the fuel economy and the control it gives with the ability to change gears with a stick shift. Other drivers prefer an automatic because it has the advantage of being easier to handle. At the end of the day there is no wrong choice.


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