The Business Times: Retail goes live(stream)

This article first appeared on The Business Times, written by Sharanya Pillai.

E-commerce has a new battlefront: Attracting the most eyeballs with larger-than-life livestream sellers.

Manisha Seewal, chief marketing officer of Carro, attests to the attractiveness of livestream sales.

The used car platform experimented with the technique last November, teaming up with influencer firm Gushcloud to sell cars over livestream. Carro successfully sold a Toyota Wish through the session.

“The energy and being able to connect with the community is what sets (livestream e-commerce) apart from all the other channels, like Facebook and Google ads. We know that not everyone is going to buy a car (online), but we can also educate them about our products and services,” she says.

“When people buy cars, they take recommendations from family and friends; the word-of-mouth effect is strong. Livestream as a platform offers great word-of-mouth.”

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