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Get your car sold in 2 hours.

Carro Express provides you with the option of selling your car in less than 2 hours. Enjoy the best hassle-free experience and full transparency when you sell with us.

Just 4 simple steps to sell your car.

Submit Request

Simply provide some information of you and your car.

Get An Offer

Receive an offer for your car in 2 hours that is valid for 3 days.


Our mechanics will perform a car inspection to ascertain condition.

Get Car Sold

Let us handle your paperwork while you get paid instantly.

Why sell with us?

Guaranteed Sale, Instant Payment

Get an offer in 2 hours, sell within 3 days. Receive the payment directly upon a finalized sale.

3 Day Price Guarantee

We guarantee the offered price for 3 days, subject to the actual condition, mileage and age of the vehicle.

Convenience And Hassle-Free

We will handle the full transfer and necessary paperwork involved without any fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1 How long does it take to sell my car on Carro Express?

    We undertake to provide an offer within 2 hours between Mondays - Fridays, 10am to 5pm. The offer is valid for 3 days.

    Upon acceptance of the offer, our mechanics will perform a car inspection to ascertain the condition.

  • Q2 Why do we need an inspection?

    The offer we provide you with will be ascertained with an inspection. Depending on the condition of your car, the offered price may be adjusted accordingly.

  • Q3 How do you come up with an offered price for my car?

    We derive the value of your vehicle in 2 ways:

    First, we perform a market analysis through our Car Experts based on comparables of your vehicle.

    Secondly, we balance the pricing using our proprietary algorithm and machine learning techniques to derive the fair market value of the vehicle.

  • Q4 Do I have to buy a car from you if I trade in my vehicle?

    No, you do not have to. Anyone is welcomed to sell their vehicle to us. Should you be interested to buy a car from us, we also have a wide variety of cars available (Browse for cars).

  • Q5 Will I get a guaranteed sale for my car?

    Yes! We will buy any car regardless of the condition of your car.

  • Q6 Are there any hidden fees to sell my car via Carro Express?

    Not at all! Selling your car via Carro Express is completely free of charge!

  • Q7 What is the selling process on Carro Express?

    Simply provide us with a few pieces of information about you and your car for us to offer you the most competitive price range.

    Upon acceptance of the offer, our mechanics will perform a car inspection to ascertain the condition. After which, we will handle the full paperwork settlement while you get the payment instantly to your bank account.

  • Q8 Can I retain my car plate?

    Yes - this is entirely up to yourself. We do not pay more for car plates with nicer car plate numbers.

  • Q9 Do you take in vans/ trucks/ lorries?

    We are currently not taking in that category of vehicles. However, we are in the midst of expanding the selection of vehicles we are taking in so do stay tuned.

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