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Get $1,000 off your car purchase
when you buy a car from Carro!

On top of that, borrow up to 70% of the value of your car!
Let your car make money for you.

Easy and Fuss Free

Sit back, relax and let Let our Carro Experts guide you along the process from initial registration to the collection of your vehicle!

Exclusive Promotions

Get $1,000 for your first car registered under Z10 from Uber! Enjoy up to 70% loans from our exclusive UBER partners.

100% Flexible Arrangements

No minimum hours or trips to be fulfilled. Feel free to drive whenever you want and earn up to $30/hour!

Low Cost of Ownerships

With depreciation averaging $850/month. Save more when you purchase instead of renting when you drive with UBER.

How to Register for a UBER Account

Let Carro guide you through the registration process to start driving with UBER, we would be on hand to guide our customers though this process.


Register a Sole Proprietorship

Customer will have to register a company with business code 49219 from www.bizfile.gov.sg


Select a Vehicle

Select from a wide extensive list of direct owner cars from Carro.sg, agree on a price and agree to purchase the car under your new registered company.


Loan + Insurance Application

Loan up to 70% of the evaluated car plate and get attractive insurance quotes through Carro's exclusive rates with Maybank, UOB, AXA and NTUC! Low insurance quotations as low as $1,300 for commercial vehicles available!


Purchase + Conversion to Z10

Processes for the ownership transfer and subsequent conversion to Z10 vehicle would be offered by our friendly Car Experts. Now you are ready to start driving for UBER.

Register your Interest and let our Car Experts contact you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can be eligible for this program?

    As long as you are a Singaporean or PR, age 21 or above, and have a Singapore Class 3 Driver's License, you're good to go. To know more about the next steps, please fill out the form on the page and we would contact you shortly!

  • What if I am not able to register a business, am i still eligible for this scheme?

    Under this scheme, it is not necessary for you to be the business owner. Your family member can register the business and purchase the car under the business name. The commercial insurance tied to the vehicle will cover: - For personal use: Everyone who uses the car with permission from the owner. - For private hire use: The sole proprietor / employee wishes to use the car for private hire purposes, they can be added as named driver in the policy.

  • I current own a business/company, do I have to open a new one?

    No, just add on a business activity with the code 49219.

  • Who is providing this financing scheme? Is it Uber / Carro?

    No, we have partnered with Maybank and UOB to provide this financing scheme. The loan taken will be provided by the bank.

  • Can I share a car with a friend who acts as my relief driver?

    Yes! You can share your car with as many family members or friends as you want. This can help by reducing the cost of your car and getting the most out of it!

  • What if I stop driving with Uber, what happens?

    Driving with Uber is 100% flexible and commitment free, you can stop and resume driving as and when you wish to. Even if you are inactive, the car is still under loan from the bank and no changes would be made to the loan contract.

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