160-Point Inspection Checklist
Tinagaran s/o Muniandi
Date of Inspection
22 June 2022
Carro Certified
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No Major
No Fire
No Flood
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161 Passed
1 Identified
Full Vehicle Details
Plate No. (Sell with/Sell without).
Sell With
Sub Model
Sedan Avg (r17 Led)
Road Test Check
Engine Starts Properly
Engine Noise
Engine Idles Properly
Engine Acceleration
Engine & Transmission Mounting
Brakes pad thickness
Brake pedal
Brake Lines, Hoses & Fittings
Suspension and shock absorber
Steering operation
Undercarriage noises
Gear Box
Clutch Operates Properly
Gauges Operate properly
Transmission/ Transaxle Shift
Tranmission/ Transaxle Noise
Drive Axle/ Transfer Case Noise
No major accident
No fire damage
No flood damage
4X4 Operation
Rear Doors (Right)
Door seal (all doors)
Door Handles
Front Bumper
Front Fender (Left)
Front Doors (Right)
Front Door Panel (Right)
Front Doors (Left)
Front Door Panel (Left)
Front Bonnet, support and insulator
Front Fender (Right)
Rear Bonnet
Rear Fender / Quarterpanel (Right)
Rear Fender / Quarterpanel (Left)
Rear Bumper
Rear Door Panel (Right)
Rear Doors (Left)
Rear Door Panel (Left)
Side Skirt (Left)
Side Skirt (Right)
Body Panel Inspection
Grille Inspection
Sunroof / Moonroof
Convertible Top
Front Bonnet Release
Front Windscreen
Rear Windscreen
Front Window (Left)
Front Window (Right)
Rear Window (Right)
Rear Window (Left)
Rear Quarter Window (Left)
Rear Quarter Window (Right)
Rear Window Wiper Switch
Windscreen Wipers Switch
Wiper Blades Front & Rear
Power Window Controls
Left Side Mirror
Right Side Mirror
Outside Rear View Mirrors
Sun Visors, Vanity Mirror & Light
Front End Exterior Lights (Left) - headlight
Front End Exterior Lights (Right) - headlight
Side Exterior Lights
Rear End Exterior Lights (Left) - reverse, taillamp, stop
Rear End Exterior Lights (Right) - reverse, taillamp, stop
Hazard Lights
Indicator Light
Fog Lamp function
Daytime Running Light
Low/high beam function
Auto on/off lights
Spare Tyre
Jack & Tool Kit
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Covers & Center Caps
Radio / Cassette / Cd/Dvd Player
Alarm / Theft Deterrent System
Reverse Camera
Air Conditioning Switch Panel
Air Conditioning Parts
Air Conditioning System
Front Aircon Vents
Rear Aircon Vents
Anti-fog/Defroster Coil Damage
Center Armrest / Console
Floor Mats
Interior Carpet
Front door trim board (Right)
Front door trim board (Left)
Door trim board 2nd row (Right)
Door trim board 2nd row (Left)
A-pillar door trim board (Right)
A-pillar door trim board (Left)
B-pillar door trim board (Right)
B-pillar door trim board (Left)
C-pillar door trim board (Right)
C-pillar door trim board (Left)
Glove Box
Dashboard Drawer
Front Seat including electric seat
Rear Seat including electric seat
Folding Seats
Hot / Warmed Seats
Cooled Seats
Seat & Headrest Restraint Adjustment
Parcel Shelf / Speaker Board / Tonneau Cover
Power outlet - 12 V Port / cigratte lighter
Power outlet - USB Port / cigratte lighter
Power Steering
Steering Wheel Controls
Steering Wheel Condition
Tilt / Telescopic Steering Wheel
Tripmeter And Odometer
Interior Courtesy, Dome & Map Lights
Handbrake / Footbrake Lever
Gear Knob
Warning Light
Cruise Control Operation
Driver Profile/ Memory System
Dashboard / control panel
Paddle Shifters
Safety Belts
Airbags (pass)
Central Locking System
Remote Boot Release
Push Start Button System
Fuel Cap Release
Luggage Compartment Light
Luggage Compartment Trim & Cargo Net
Luggage Board
Underbody And Under The Hood
Brake Fluid
Transmission Fluid
Transmission Fluid Leaks
Power Steering Fluid
Windshield Washer Fluids
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Leaks
Coolant Tank
Engine Cover
Exhaust System
Power Steering Pump
Rack And Pinion, Linkage & Boots
Tie Rods & Idler Arm
Control Arms & Ball Joints
Sway Bars, Links & Bushings
Front Tyre (Left)
Front Tyre (Right)
Rear Tyre (Left)
Rear Tyre (Right)