RobbReport: CARRO’s on track to earning $300 million in 2021

This article was first published on Robb Report Singapore, written by Justin Choo.

Change is the only constant in life. This is something that Aaron Tan, co-founder and CEO of Carro, knows all too well. In his youth, he had more than his 15 minutes of fame as a young entrepreneur, having founded two tech start-ups. And that’s long before start-ups became a buzzword. Despite his early success, he chose to pursue higher education, earning himself a scholarship and winding up at Innov8 as a venture capitalist.

It was then that during a fateful meeting with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, who urged him to look at the up-and-coming Tesla, Tan saw the potential of an impending change in the automotive industry. He decided to take a plunge into the deep end. “You know what, I can come back to doing venture capital anytime. Why don’t I go and start something new?” he reasoned. And the seeds for Carro were sown.

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