Leading the Future of Startup Marketing with CARRO Group CMO Manisha Seewal | Insignia Business Review

This article was first published on Insignia Business Review, written by Paulo Joquino.

In a 2-part series, CARRO’s Group Chief Marketing Officer, Manisha Seewal, joins Paulo Joquino on the first episode of On Call with Insignia Season 2!

The podcast covers a wide range of topics from Manisha’s journey from corporate to tech startup, her philosophy when it comes to leveraging technology for marketing, a case study on CARRO’s most recent initiative as Singapore’s first contactless car service, the future of marketing amidst changing consumer behaviour, the future of marketing technology, and the future of Carro and Jualo under her leadership.

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Part 1 of the Podcast

Read this episodes key takeaways and full transcript here!

Part 2 of the Podcast

Check out this episode’s key takeaways and full transcript here!

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