Financial Times: Carro tops FT ranking with help of AI

This story was first published in Financial Times, written by Dylan Loh.

A lawsuit from one of Singapore’s most prominent media companies signalled an inauspicious start for Aaron Tan, after he co-founded an ecommerce platform for used vehicles in 2015.

For the 36-year-old Singaporean entrepreneur, the cease-and-desist notice that was served for alleged copyright infringement was the biggest challenge he faced in getting his start-up, Carro, off the ground. “We had been sued along the way by the big boys,” recalls the group chief executive at Carro’s headquarters in Singapore.

“If you have a pending lawsuit as a start-up, you can be almost guaranteed nobody will fund you,” he says, describing the lawsuit as “frivolous”.

Eight months later, the media company dropped its case, which allowed Carro to go on and establish itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the region today — where it also has a presence in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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